Our Story

Thank you for watching our video and stopping by!!

We’re on a God journey and would love for you to join us!

Our story is making HIStory!

In each of our lives and our communities, there are appointed times – undeniable KAIROS moments of God when He writes HIStory on our hearts, making history with our lives. This is just ONE of those stories, but ONE that He’s called us into for such a time as this! Please read on…at the end is an invitation…we DO hope that you’ll join us, because TOGETHER we CAN make a DIFFERENCE!

A Thought, A Song, A Vision, A Movement, The Birth of Something New

A Thought

In March of 2013, in a van with a handful of Wilmington College students, a thought was planted by a stop at a little yogurt shop in St. Louis, MI. On the way back to Ohio we talked and dreamed of a Coffee/Yogurt shop in Wilmington.

The dream developed as we prayed and in January of 2017 the Lord showed us that it was NOT to be a Coffee/Yogurt shop, but a Coffee House, called Kairos Coffee. As we continued to pray, He showed us an available storefront with a blocked up drive-thru, and to our surprise this storefront was a TCBY yogurt shop in the 90’s…Oh, the mysteries of God – His ways are AMAZING!! However, the timing wasn’t yet……thus we waited….

A Song

In March of 2018 the Lord led us to begin to pursue Kairos Coffee again, thus we picked it back up and began to pray for direction….more waiting….June 2018, I, Robyn, am sent a song to listen to. As I listen, these words of the song jump out at me and my heart is moved:

“What’s been hidden is coming to the public place; What’s been growing in the secret place; The wind will blow on your intimacy, blowing it out for all to see; There’s a wind that’s coming – the world is watching.” (Chris Burns, Horizon)

Suddenly, I’m reminded of a word given to House of Prayer Directors at Awaken the Dawn in October of 2017 – This person had all of the House of Prayer Directors stand, and as House of Prayer Directors, Larry and I stood up, while this person said, “Don’t be surprised if the Lord calls some of you out of the Prayer Room and into the Marketplace to start businesses.”  Yes, Lord, we’re listening!

A Vision

Moved by the song and the remembrance of what was spoken at Awaken the Dawn, I began to pray and as I prayed a very clear vision unfolded before me…I saw the Coffee House, I saw all of the tables and chairs filled with people, THEN I saw prayer break out at the first table, then the next and the next until the ENTIRE Coffee House was filled with a supernatural combustion of PRAYER!! Immediately I asked the Lord what I was seeing and He said it’s the words of the song,  “What’s been hidden is coming to the public place; What’s been growing in the secret place; The wind will blow on your intimacy, blowing it out for all to see; There’s a wind that’s coming – the world is watching.” The intimacy that had grown in the secret place of the Prayer Room of the Wilmington House of Prayer (WHOP) was NOW to be taken to the public place…the wind was blowing on our intimacy, blowing it out for all to see…there’s a wind that’s coming – the world IS WATCHING!!

A Movement

At a WHOP Board meeting the following night a unanimous decision was made – it was obvious the Lord was moving; He was moving in us, wanting to move through us – out of the Prayer Room and into the Marketplace. We had known the House of Prayer had been in transition for the last two years, but we didn’t yet know what it looked like – but now we were beginning to see. Knowing you can’t pour new wine into an old wineskin, we felt the Lord telling us to let go of the Prayer Room’s Main Street location, allowing our hearts and hands to be free to move toward the opening of Kairos Coffee at 1593 Rombach, and that all of the WHOP activities would be located there….on July 28th everything was moved out of the Main Street location, and on July 31st the keys to the rented space on Main Street were turned in.

The Birth of Something New

After Nine years on Main Street, the Lord is calling us to birth something new – Kairos Coffee! So, what does it look like to have the Prayer Room activities in the Kairos Coffee House? Well, just as we don’t fully know what a baby will look like until the baby is born, we’re not sure what this will look like.  The Lord isn’t asking us to have it all figured out, but to step out in faith and MAKE A PLACE FOR HIM, just as we did in the Prayer Room. What we DO know is this, that just as the Lord asked us to take His Presence to Main Street to birth the Prayer Room, because there were people looking for Him who wouldn’t find Him behind the four walls of the Church, He’s asking us to take His Presence to the Marketplace because there are people who will not find Him behind the four walls of the Church, nor will they walk into a Prayer Room…but they WILL and ARE walking into Coffee Houses. We have found that the age group that’s frequenting Coffee House’s is between the ages of 13-18 and the Millennials. There’s a hunger growing on the earth, a hunger that ONLY the Lord can satisfy. This generation is hungry for authentic relationships and the Lord wants to meet that need through us, His People….there’s a wind that’s coming, the world is watching….WE believe the same DNA that was in the WHOP Prayer Room on Main Street, will be in Kairos Coffee House; that it will be a Community Hub that will draw many, and as we make ourselves available, the Lord will draw them to Himself.

Our Hearts, Our Lives, Our Community

A Place for God to Call Home

An Invitation

If you’re here, then THANK YOU for reading HIStory that’s been written on our hearts. We’d like to invite you to partner with us and become a part of the Kairos Team. Starting a business takes a lot of time, energy and money, but we KNOW that with God ALL things ARE possible, and when He gives a vision, He will provide the provision to bring that vision to pass. That’s where you come in – the Lord told us to invite our family, friends, friends of friends, and community to partner with HIM and with US to make this dream a reality. So, here’s how you can help:

  • PRAY
    – There are a lot of details that go into starting a business, and we KNOW firsthand the power of Prayer!
    – As a prayer partner on the Kairos Team your name will be added to our Prayer Partner page on this website! Thank you!
  • GIVE
    – Choose a “branch” from our Giving Tree, help by giving to us and receive a thank you gift/gifts (stated below each amount) from US to YOU! Head on over to our Support page and help us make our dream a reality! Thank you!

We look forward to seeing you this fall at Kairos Coffee, and experiencing TOGETHER, all that the Lord has for our CommUNITY!!

Larry and Robyn Morris

Owners, Kairos Coffee LLC